Youth Delegate Funding Information

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All volunteers must provide and/or secure their own funding. Our organization is a professional organization and qualifies for continuing education credits as well as community service requirements for high school graduation. We can provide you with all the information you will need to submit for grants or scholarships.

Each individual institution’s funding policies vary with regard to the amount and proportion of the overall program costs covered. In your proposals, we encourage you to present the complete program schedule, which outlines the number of professional interactions, travel days, lodging, meals and cultural activities, to help your institution determine the costs to be covered as dictated by their guidelines

You may consider the following ways Youth Delegates have raised a portion or all of their program tuition:

1. Employer sponsorship – Demonstrate and explain to your employers that you will gain information and skills from this program that you can apply to your joy.
2. Civic support – Speak to groups about your goals/ experience in return for a donation.
3. Grants/ Scholarships – Present a proposal on the youth delegation purpose, your goals and the funding you seek. Ask your college or high school counselor about funding sources.
4. Church support - Speak to groups about your goals/experience in return for a donation.
5. Friends and Family - Speak to groups about your goals/experience in return for a donation.
6. Web search for scholarships and grants for student international travel.

The Process of Gaining Sponsorship

Your primary goal in contacting potential funders is to build a relationship leading to the funding of your proposal. The better the funders know you and your goals, the better chance you have of being funded.