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The core mission of PAG is to promote the flow of volunteer physicians, nurses and other medical professionals and students (high school, college and graduate) interested in global citizenship to provide desperately needed capacity building and direct medical services to populations ravaged by disease, malnutrition and insufficient medical care. PAG actively pursues this mission by encouraging individuals to volunteer their time and expertise to this critical humanitarian cause. PAG partners with carefully screened medical and non-profit organizations in Africa and matches their needs with the available volunteer base. Our goal is to make the volunteering experience a valuable, safe and gratifying one.

Volunteer opportunities also exist for operations staff interested in contributing their time and energy to organizational development in the United States and abroad. Individuals with experience in communications, web-site/IT development, non-profit fundraising, and general operations activities are encouraged to apply.

It is our vision that, through skilled volunteers, stewardship and good will, and the support of donors, we can make a difference locally and abroad.

Who Should Apply?

We urge potential volunteers to give careful consideration to the nature of our mission, its philosophy , it objectives.

Successful participation as volunteers for Project Africa Global requires, above all:

  1. Interest in Africa
  2. Interest in serving underserved and indigent populations nationally and internationally
  3. Strong communication skills
  4. A willingness to respect different lifestyles, beliefs, and values

Sensitivity, flexibility, and patience are essential. PAG volunteers do not go to Africa to improve their values, but to seek a truer comprehension of African Values. Their challenge is to adjust to locally accepted ways of doing things. While the PAG experience offers a rare opportunity for personal growth through shared experiences, this growth can be uncomfortable and, at times agonizing. PAG willingness to address personal issues - whether pertaining to racial, political, or other feelings - often is the basis for healthy group debriefing interactions between and among PAG and our host countries citizens.

Diversity - racial, ethnic, gender, regional, religious, and educational - is a primary goal of PAG's recruitment effort. Though most PAG volunteers are health care professionals, other than a minimum age requirement of 16 ( with parents or guardians consent) there are no other set age or occupation requirements

Confidential Volunteer Reference Form
If you are interested in volunteering with PAG and would like an application, or for more information information regarding opportunities to join our annual medical missions, please write to us.